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ANDiU – All New Diabetics in Uppsala County


The aim of the ANDiU study is to investigate if it is possible to predict optimal treatment and assess the risk for cardiovascular complications by study the prevalence of diabetes associated genes, auto anti-bodies and c-peptide among people newly diagnosed with diabetes.


The genetics of diabetes is complex and more than one hundred genes are known to associate with the disease. Still, little is known of the clinical impact of these genes. From epidemiological studies we know that in certain ethnic groups the lifetime risk for diabetes is quadrupled.


The study will be open for inclusion between 2011 and 2016. Anyone who is diagnosed with diabetes according to the WHO classification and resides in the County of Uppsala, Sweden is eligible to participate.

The County of Uppsala has approximately 300.000 inhabitants. The demographic profile is such as the country in general and 15-18% are of foreign origin. The prevalence of diabetes is estimated to 3.5% and the incidence to 3.8/10.000 inhabitants and year.


Within twelve months after diagnosed with diabetes each patient is provided with written information and asked for a written consent to participate in the study. Then blood tests (fasting plasma glucose, HbA1c, GAD antibodies, c-peptide, sample for genotyping and for bio banking) are given at the local primary health care centre. The test results will appear in the patients’ electronic medical protocol (EMR).

The diabetes nurse completes the online questionnaire together with the patient. Follow-up is by automatic synchronization to the National Diabetes Registry.

The design of ANDiU has been granted acceptance by the Swedish Data Inspection Board and by the Regional Ethical Review Board.


Results will continuously be published on this website. We estimate 2.000 patients are needed for a first international publication.


The ANDiU study is solely financed by grant from the Swedish Research Council as part of the EXODIAB (Excellence in Diabetes Research) project.


Researchers are welcome to submit research proposals for collaborative work on ANDiU. A screening committee reviews the proposals and the ANDiU management team takes decisions.

One of the co-workers on the project should be connected to the Institution of Medical Sciences, Institution of Medical Cellbiology or Institution och Public Health and Caring Sciences, all part of the Uppsala University. If such a person is not included in the proposal, the ANDiU management team will appoint a suitable researcher for the project.

For more information please contact Per-Ola Carlsson, Prof. MD or Mats Martinell, MD, or use the following contact form.